16th International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights

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From the 9-18th March, Geneva will host the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights. Now in its 15th year running, the event hosts debates and screenings focused on the hottest topics bordering human rights. Think gender equality, democracy and freedom.

“Our Festival will never offer easy answers but aspires to ask the right questions. During 10 days, we will reassess our political and geographical borders, with stunning films and unpredictable debates, while breaking artistic boundaries, with readings, live shows, photography, comic strips and living art. Let us try to give renewed meaning to the words commitment, curiosity, truth, freedom and desire.”

Isabelle Gattiker, FIFDH 2017 Director

The Forum will open with Rupert Russell’s “Freedom for the Wolf”, which promises to bring food for thought on the question of democracy in our world today:

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