Agroforestry Fund: Regenerative Agriculture in the Tropics (Brazil)

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Support our friends from ART Project (Brazil) to establish climate-friendly agriculture through research and further education.

Text and Photo from Manfred Osterroht (ART Project-Brazil)

Photo by ART-Project (Brazil)

The ART Project arose out of the need to develop creative and new solutions to the climate crisis for agriculture, inspired by Anthroposophy!

The ART Project is a non-profit initiative that researches in the field of agroforestry and is also practically active. The goals are:

  • Establishing climate-friendly agriculture in the tropics,
  • Research on soil management during high tide and dry season,
  • Courses and internships in regenerative agriculture, especially for young people.

The center of the initiative, Finca Sabores, located in Itápolis SP, is still under construction. The next goal is to grow vegetables regeneratively even in the dry season. To achieve this goal, we are collecting donations for an irrigation system.

We thank everyone who supports us in researching and applying heat-resistant and regenerative agriculture!

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