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Consorcio, Desarrollo y Justicia was founded in 1992 as an institution with a dream to support social organizations and initiatives, growing to become one of Venezuela’s largest platforms for NGOs, activists, and young leaders. The name translates to Consortium, Development, and Justice – as these are the organization’s pillars and key lines of action. 

Article and Photos by Sophia Santi

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With over 27 years of trajectory, we have implemented and supported projects in education, human rights, peace and reconciliation, youth leadership empowerment, research in economics, and climate change.

As of 2021, we are currently managing multiple initiatives: Foro Permanente de Juventudes (Permanent Youth Forum), political innovation and educational platform for Venezuelan youth; Monitor DESCA, a documentary project focused on research and education to children and youth on the Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental rights; RedUni, a national network of student advocates for Human Rights; Unidos por la Calidad del Agua (United for Water Quality), that contributes in environmental defense processes through water sanitation and management; and last, Acorde 33, that seeks to strengthen dialogue and reduce polarization through a religious approach. 

Through our projects, we have been able to create a positive impact in all 24 states in Venezuela and create a network of more than 2000 youth activists, students, members of the National Assembly, embassies, and advocates overall. We focus on educating relay generations on the importance of democracy and Human Rights, as well as foreseeing the challenges the most vulnerable communities will face so we can assist them. We believe societal change starts when the youth believes in a better future, so we make efforts to share new perspectives, information, and resources with them!

I started in October 2020 as Monitoring and Evaluation Supervisor. I immediately saw the potential of our projects, so I took the task to show the world who and what we are, so we can exchange our ideas on a regional and international level. I currently support the Permanent Youth Forum project as Program Coordinator.

Having partners such as the World Social Initiative Forum has allowed us to expand our networks and learn new strategies, concepts, and even ideas for new projects to implement in our home, Venezuela. For more information visit:



About the Contributor Sophia Santi is the Program Coordinator of the Permanent Youth Forum Project and she will be joining us as a Panelist for the discussion around Societal Change during the WSIF Network Summit 2021.


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