Diversity and Empathy in the 21st Century

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Videos: Juan Bottero [AR] & Osmer Productions [CH]

SIF Project Leader Joan Sleigh and Global Activist Nicanor Perlas talk about Diversity as a necessity towards an emerging Self-Consciousness, and Empathy as a conscious way of tuning in to another in building healthy relationships.

“Why is it becoming ever more difficult to build healthy relationships as a necessity of growing self-awareness? But at the same time, it brings the risk and the danger of isolation, falling back into collective consciousness…because we feel afraid to step into an unknown, which is what’s necessary if we want to build a healthy, cosmopolitan society”

– Joan Sleigh, Executive Board Member of the General Anthroposophical Society – Goetheanum and SIF Project Leader

“Diversity is a trigger for tremendous creativity. I always find some of the greatest ideas when I am interacting with different people. Because with using an empathic approach to that, then you begin to enter into the world of that person…and it gives you new eyes.”

– Nicanor Perlas, Global Activist

SIF Japan 2018 “Knowing Self Through Others” | 29 March – 2 April 2018 | Minobu, JP

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