Nurturing Soil and Water in Rishing (Nepal)

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Holy Green Agro Farm founder Mahendra Kumar Shrestha shares how organic and biodynamic agriculture heal their community’s water and soil, while empowering the indigenous people of Rishing. (NA)

Article and Photos by Mahendra Kumar Shrestha (Holy Green Agro Farm, Nepal)

Our dream at Holy Green Agro Farm is to create a healthy eco-friendly community, where we engage local farmers to switch to organic and biodynamic agriculture, as well as explore ways of achieving a sustainable and humane economy. 

In January 2021, we started realizing this dream with a group of fifty farmers from ethnically marginalized communities in a small village in Rishing municipality. We also mobilized social entrepreneurs to use local bio seeds and compost. This ultimately empowers the community, while saving Mother Earth. The team cleaned the fields and made seed nurseries. To develop it further, they are planning to set up a water system, along with a farming and seed banking mechanism as the next steps.

This innovation will not only heal the soil but also help solve the water shortage in our village. Through rainwater preservation and other local ideas, we will be able to provide our community water for drinking, irrigation, and sanitation. And maybe in the future, we can reach more people by sharing our ideas and practices beyond our borders. 

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About the Pioneer Born 1981 in Nepal, Mahendra Kumar Shrestha is a biodynamic farmer and social activist in Nepal. He runs Holy Green Agro Farm and works for rural community empowerment through social entrepreneurship. He is a member of the General Anthroposophical Society at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.


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