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My story bridges Europe and Africa  – in an arc that travels from Copenhagen, where I studied international business to Zimbabwe, where I co-founded Kufunda Learning Village. Core to Kufunda’s work is enabling rural communities to become strong, empowered agents of their own destiny, using people’s own imagination, collaboration, and resources. Kufunda includes a growing Waldorf-inspired school for Zimbabwean children, a biodynamic farm, and a community life filled with conscious dancing, mindfulness, time in nature, and creative processes supporting individuals in waking to who they are and what they can contribute to the whole.

Maaianne Knuth interviewed by Ami Cochrane in 2020 | Interview and Video Editing: Ami Cochrane

To know more about Maaianne’s work and community, visit About Kufunda Learning Village.

About the Contributor Raised in Australia and Japan, Ami Cochrane is a Waldorf Graduate with a degree in Animal Ecology. Since 2021, she is based in Sweden, working for the International Youth Initiative Program (YIP) and the World Social Initiative Forum – exploring ways to support the unfolding of each individual’s unique potential to be in service of the world.


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1 Zimbabwe: COVID-19 as experienced in Kufunda (Maaianne Knuth, 2020)

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