AFEX: Aprenem. Families En Xarxa (Spain)

is an educational program for an intercultural and intergenerational community in Barcelona.


AFEX is a community service that supports young people to teach Spanish and Catalan to family members and neighbours coming from different Asian countries (Pakistan, India, and China) and Africa (Morocco and Ghana).
These multicultural events limit the communication barriers between the school communities, providing tools and resources that make new spaces of social collaboration and growth.
AFEX is recognized by Barcelona City Council’s Department of Citizenship and Diversity Rights.
It is inspired by “YEP” Youth Empowering Parents, the project in Canada that was awarded The Intercultural Innovation Awards of the United Nations of Civilizations.

Where we are

Rüttiweg 45, CH 4143-Dornach

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T: +41 61 706 43 24


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