Angelica Village [USA]

nurtures conscious community living spaces where people with special abilities, families seeking refuge from war and violence, individuals and families experiencing homelessness, and fellow community partners receive what they need and share what they can.

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Angelica Village works with:
||| Children and Youth Seeking Refuge from War
Youth are welcomed into the community as long-term community members and as the ‘adoptive’ children of partners responsible for their direct care. Children grow up in the community until they are ready to transition fully into adulthood. Children will be supported socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically, as well as with education and generally adjusting to life in the US.
||| Unaccompanied Youth and Families Exiting Homelessness
The community provides a place of refuge and support for three to five individuals and/or families whose circumstances have put them out on the street. Households live in the immediate community for eleven months to two years. During this time, they are provided with comprehensive support including food, shelter, a therapeutic environment, emotional support, childcare, financial support, help finding employment, educational support, and assistance finding and furnishing a permanent home.
||| Individuals Engaged in Healing Work
Individuals who wish to be engaged in this healing work may do so in a myriad of ways- living and/or working in the community, interning in the home, or providing consistent and/or occasional services and general support.
||| Spiritual Renewal, Development and Growth
The community works alongside individuals and groups working spiritually through study, providing meeting space, and conference support. This work is a sustaining source for all who live directly in Angelica Village and is also open to the community at large.
||| Community Activism
The community is a place which welcomes activists to gather for discussion, conferences, organizing, and study groups.
||| Community Garden
The community has a garden where both members of the home and community members come to participate in the gardening process and share meals from our bounty.
||| Community Meals
Every Thursday and Saturday, Angelica Village hosts community meals to bring together all who wish to participate. Through the sharing of a meal, we build connection, support relationships, and participate in the joy of being together.

Hopes for expansion in the future:
||| Families seeking refuge from War
They plan to invite three to five families who have arrived in the United States with refugee status to live in the immediate community anywhere from eleven months to two years, depending on their particular circumstances. During this time, they will be provided comprehensive support including food, shelter, general acculturation support, a therapeutic environment, emotional support, childcare, financial support, help finding employment, educational support and assistance finding and furnishing a permanent home. Once families resettle in a new home, they will remain integrated and supported by the community for as long as they desire.
||| Individuals with Special Abilities
The community anticipates three to four individuals with special needs being permanent residents of the community if their personal circumstances permit. The community will embrace meeting their individual needs in addition to their basic ones, with emotional support, developmental support and access to day center programs or school during the school year if they are of school age. A partnership with one of the many Camphill communities in the US will be set up as a possibility for transition if the circumstances present themselves. If an individual transitions into another circumstance, the project will continue to be family to these individuals with visits and phone calls as needed.
||| Creative Art and Music Space
They envision having a space devoted to art and music for the creative engagement of all community members.
||| Therapeutic Offerings
They hope to create a plethora of therapeutic offerings that will meet the unique healing needs of all community partners.  Through painting courses, massage, holistic remedies, movement and other offerings,  deep healing will be brought to those who need them.
||| Community Corner Store
The store would provide the basic amenities, food staples, and crafts made by members of the home. It will also be a coffee and sandwich shop. Community members will be able to work in the store and proceeds will go back into the home.

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