Anthroposophical Prison Outreach [USA]

is a non-profit program that encourages incarcerated individuals to take responsibility for their lives through studying anthroposophical texts, fostering a meditative practice, reflecting on their own biographies, and developing positive human relationships. 

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Anthroposophical Prison Outreach makes Rudolf Steiner’s available to a growing number of incarcerated individuals who are interested in self-rehabilitation. 
With 2.2 million people behind bars, the US has the highest percentage of the population incarcerated of any country in the world. Prison is generally viewed as a place to punish rather than an opportunity to rehabilitate individuals who have committed crimes.
The APO program is designed to encourage inmates to take responsibility for their lives. The specific objective is to encourage and support self-rehabilitation through self discovery.
As one participant described it: who would have thought I found my freedom while behind bars?
Once an incarcerated individual begins to balance his or her inner life, the outer life can also become more harmonious and meaningful. This increases their potential for successful reintegration into society after.

Anthroposophical Prison Outreach helps the inmates to:
||| foster a harmonious inner life;
|||  lead a balanced public/outer life;
||| make changes that result in successful reintegration in community life

How does APO work?
||| When a request for more information is received, APO sends out an inspiring introductory packet including: Self-Development in the Penitentiary, meditative exercises, a copy of Practical Training in Thought, an article on non-violent communication, a list of library books available and information on how the program works.
||| Library books are provided free of charge to prisoners, and a prepaid return postage envelope is provided with each package of books. The library currently includes over 250 titles.
||| Program participants also have the opportunity to take part in the EduCareDo Self-Awakening Correspondence Course, a series of printed lessons providing an overview of anthroposophy that was developed in Australia.
||| Students who maintain their study for some time have the option of participating in the mentorship correspondence program, this program provides study support and connects students behind bars with others who live in the outside world.
||| Self-development classes are offered in local prisons, where volunteers are available.
||| In 2016, 600 copies of How to Know Higher Worlds were placed in prison libraries, with contact information inside the book cover for those who want to learn more. We have received many inquiries from people who read these library books.
||| In 2015, a study guide workbook and a copy of the book, How to Know Higher Worlds, (for the student to keep) was provided to 800 individuals in prison.
||| Twice yearly a newsletter, Illuminating Anthroposophy is published which fosters community among prisoners through articles, artwork, poetry, and excerpts from letters. All newsletters are available on the website.

“I think the true test that your program has affected me, and yes changed me, was when my mother visited before she passed. She told me she had noticed a positive change in my attitude and way of thinking and even dealing with problems. I love art. Art is for me a form of meditation. It relieves loneliness and pain.” – Daniel, Soledad, CA

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