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works to support communities in the Afar region of Ethiopia by using a Human-Centered approach and applying appropriate technology to develop projects in close collaboration with communities.

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Barefoot Initiative addresses development challenges in Ethiopia by listening and supporting the Afar people to become their own changemakers.
The Afar people are nomadic pastoralists who survive by herding camels, cows, and goats. They live a harsh existence faced by violent tribal rivalry, constant drought, and extreme weather conditions that commonly exceed 40 degrees centigrade.
They have fewer hospitals, schools, or social services than almost any other region in Ethiopia.
To support the community, Barefoot Initiative provides skills training, networking, access to education, and financial aid that will enable them to put their development ideas into action.

||| to strengthen health, education, economic and overall well-being
||| to support the Afar people to become their own changemakers and leaders through their own development

“Abdo Mohamed graduated from our scholarship program in 2016 with a degree in Clinical Nursing. When Abdo was 16 he was married and had two small children. His son died from suspected pneumonia and soon after his wife, his second child and 14-year-old sister died tragically in a cholera outbreak. Since completing his study, Abdo is now informed and knows that their deaths were avoidable. Because of this, he is determined to support his community to prevent other families from such suffering. He is now working in the Afar region as a vaccine officer for the Ministry of Health.”

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