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accompanies traumatized children living in the outskirts of São Paulo by supporting their healing through healthy nutrition and therapeutic education.

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Casa Crianca Querida Daycare Center cares for children from 6 months to 12 years of age living in the favelas of São Paulo.
The children under their care come mostly from families that experience violence, extreme poverty or social injustice. Some also come from situations involving drugs, shootouts between the mafia and the police, crimes, abuse, suicide or mental illness.
With Waldorf Pedagogy as its framework, a lot of art and free play are integrated as health-giving interventions by schools, therapists, doctors and psychologists.
The daycare center provides children healthy meals on a daily basis and facilitates age-specific activities good for their holistic development.

Their work started with a children’s home for AIDS orphans in the early 90’s – when HIV was a new global disease and the children who arrived were the first HIV positive cases.
They then expanded the Daycare Center in its current form – helping children in danger of dying or those who come from substance-dependent parents, single mothers or born from mothers who are imprisoned.
They also welcome orphans or half-orphans raised by relatives coming from the outskirts of São Paulo.

Since the transhipment points of drug gangs are located in the slums of São Paulo, the drug lords and traffickers like to use children and teenagers from the neighbourhood as underage drug carriers. The dangerous task is cheap for the drug lords but very rewarding for the starving families.
Unfortunately, the vicious cycle of addiction happens at the same time. Children living in the outskirts of São Paolo also deal with everyday challenges such as aggressive conflicts, violence, abuse, learning blockages, psychological problems, autoaggressive behaviour, and post-traumatic syndromes.
Founded in 1997,  Casa Crianca Querida is currently taking care of 135 children and their families. The daycare center offers a haven where children can have healing education through Waldorf and Curative Education.
Children who have grown out of our projects are now parents and have their own children in our daycare. They train in Waldorf and  Curative education in Germany or online and become daycare group leaders. Some also participate in a voluntary social year in Germany or become social workers in Brazil.

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