Consorcio, Desarrollo y Justicia


has implemented over 20 projects related to youth, democracy, and human rights since 1993.

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Consorcio, Desarrollo y Justicia is a non-profit organization that addresses social fragmentation and Human Rights violations in Venezuela since 1993. They also discuss the youth’s role in government change through forums and networking.
1. Acorde 33 (2020) is a network of young changemakers that focus on the creation of public policies from the spiritual and individual point of view. Target: youth 18-35, early stage.
2. Red Uni (2017) is a university student network for the defence of Human Rights. target: university students 17-27.
3. Unidos X la Calidad del Agua (2019) is a network of civil society organizations that promote quality water management in vulnerable communities. Target: vulnerable communities in the central region.
4. Jóvenes con Vision 20/20 (2019) is directed to form Petare’s youth in conflict resolution strategies. Target: youth in Petare – the biggest informal neighbourhood in Latin America.
5. Co-Creando Desarrollo (2020) focuses on creating opportunities for development in vulnerable communities. Target: children in vulnerable communities.
6. Foro Permanente de Juventudes (2019) is a forum for political debate with the youth leaders of Venezuela. target: Youth 18-35. Second edition. More than 500 direct beneficiaries and 1500 indirect beneficiaries.

Their vision is to achieve a system that promotes alternative methods for conflict resolution.
Their mission is centered on implementing projects that promote sustainable social development and the strengthening of democracy.

“The forum has been a space where I could develop, grow, and connect with different leaders in Venezuela! Also, I could improve my communication and negotiation skills, and increase my knowledge of peaceful political transitions.” – Maria Brito, participant in Foro Permanente de Juventudes 2019
“Red Uni Diplomado is a fundamental tool for activism in the university community. The networking was incredible, and I met many allies that I now call friends!” – Jose Rondo, alumni of Red Uni’s formation program.

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