Elderberries 3fold Café [USA]

is a social justice café built by LA-based activists and enlivened by people from all walks of life – sharing conversations, questions, and hopes for a genuine human-to-human encounter and a compassionate world. 

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Elderberries Threefold Café is a small organic, vegan, gluten/soy-free café in Los Angeles, California that strives to nourish both the individual and the community.
“Kindness, Care & Consideration” are the three pillars that people at Elderberries uphold – nurturing an inclusive community by connecting to the marginalized and the underprivileged.
Hence, the friendships nurtured between Elderberries and their homeless friends run deep – from a free cup of coffee or a warm meal shared to taking care of friends when they become ill or when they need help.
The Elderberries community participates actively in The Poor People’s Campaign – a movement founded in the ’60s by Martin Luther King, Jr. that is now carried by Rev. William Barbers. They hold several peaceful protests all over the US, rallying against racism, capitalism, ecological destruction, and moral decline.
Elderberries’ carriers Frank Agrama and Dottie Zold also co-organize the annual “How We Will” meetings with other organizations, where they focus on systemic change through the practice and concepts of Social Threefolding for a more humane and just society.


||| To work equally with at-risk communities comprising of the underprivileged and the homeless, those struggling with addiction, the overprivileged, and individuals seeking meaning in life; as well as healers, organizers, and innovators asking how to shift our world towards the good.
||| To imbue each task with kindness, care, and consideration – learning how best to meet and serve one another, while upholding human dignity and inclusion.
Community Activism   
The café serves as an anchor point for meaningful encounters through the heart. Peaceful protests are also organized by the Elderberries community, fighting for causes like ecological preservation, better health care, and humane living conditions for all.
Urban First Aid 
Urban First Aid is a cultural hub where Art, Education, and Community Well-Being merge together, creating an open space for questions, healing encounters, and artistic explorations.
Have Seeds House
This sober and intentional community living house serves as transitional support for friends of all ages, while also acting as an international hub for young people seeking to connect and work together.

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