ELOS [Brazil]

trains young changemakers working in vulnerable communities for 20 years and challenges limiting beliefs by promoting cooperation within diversity while encouraging leaders to find the potential where we normally see scarcity.

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ELOS realizes that most of the solutions were not working because they were being made for people but without people’s participation. So, their method engages people on the transformation of their own realities.
Most of Brazilian people experience a reality of violence, misery and exclusion, on top of it recently as everywhere in the world, we are suffering with polarization and absence of dialog.
At the very core of their organization is the idea that building a strong sense of community is the source of the transformational power in the world.


||| To build healthy relationships in diverse communities – transforming exclusion into integration.
||| To promote dialogue and cooperation so that violence is replaced with fruitful interaction.
||| To support local leadership that strengthens people’s abilities and transforms their realities through their own actions.

ELOS goes beyond “just helping” to really upend the roots of scarcity, exclusion and violence threatening everyone, especially the vulnerable communities in the world.
Their hope for the future relies on the young leaders that they train through their leadership training methods.
The young leaders have already brought ELOS’ work to more than a thousand communities over the globe, taking what they had learned wherever they go.

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