Free Columbia [USA]

offers an interdisciplinary study program on Transdisciplinary Learning, Speech and Drama, Social Theory, and the Arts, which seeks to promote and ignite freedom as inspired by Anthroposophy.

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Free Columbia is an intensive inquiry and exploration located in the heart of Columbia County, New York.
Their offerings include :
||| A full-time course on Transdisciplinary Learning (M.C Richards Program);
||| A full-time Speech and Drama program integrating the Chekhov acting method with the creative voice techniques of Rudolf Steiner, Kristin Linklater, Patsy Rodenburg among others (The High Falls Theater Ensemble);
||| A series of week-long courses on Painting;
||| A pioneering curriculum on Social Theory and Action Program; and
||| After-school activities for children, summer artistic courses, and evening lectures.
Free Columbia is based on understanding the importance of creating independent and accessible educational and artistic opportunities for everyone There are no set tuition fees nor material costs.
All students and friends of Free Columbia are encouraged to donate in support of this kind of education – pledging monthly amounts, gifts, and donations to cover the expenses of the school, as the running costs are shared with the public.
This sustainable model and structure of financing provide a sense of cultural hygiene and communal support.
It is a step closer to the idea of Free Culture – where a person’s financial situation does not determine his/her access to transdisciplinary education, social engagement through research, and culture.

Free Columbia’s Social Theory and Action Project


Free Columbia is about interdisciplinary learning through:
||| color, form, movement;
||| fostering the creative process and contemplative inquiry;
||| perceiving what is needed by one to develop and what is being asked for from the world; and
||| bringing about new social and artistic forms of interacting, understanding, and financing that will bring forth freedom.
Free Columbia is inspired by Contemplative Inquiry, Aesthetic Education, and Action Research.
Contemplative Inquiry deepens one’s approach to knowledge that includes the spiritual in science and the arts, which has the potential to benefit one’s capacity for insight.
Aesthetic Education strengthens capacities of observation and perception; of memory and feeling; and of the expressive dimensions of judgment and understanding.
Action Research encourages a continued connection of knowledge to practical life through assignments in local service work (ie sustainable farms) and engaging in community life.
Free Columbia

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