Free School Esperanza [Switzerland]

is a non-profit organization which provides a wide range of educational opportunities to refugees living in Switzerland and open doors for inclusion, healing, and a dignified future for all.

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Free School Esperanza is a project by Association Esperanza as a response to the refugee situation in Switzerland in addressing the migrants’ hope for integration, self-development, and a better future.
The association came out of “Initiativforum für Geflüchtete”, an initiative by the Anthroposophical Swiss Society in 2016 to help the migrants who fled their countries due to war gain footing in this part of Europe.
The weekly sessions at Free School Esperanza provide consistent learning support for the refugees and allow space for cultural exchange, social interaction, and integration.


||| To support refugees, asylum seekers, sans-papiers, and people seeking protection and education regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or political opinion in integration & school education.
||| To support people in their individual development by promoting general education that will enable them to find employment, gain self-autonomy and find purpose in life.
||| To fill gaps of insufficient integration work and state interventions.
||| To cooperate with other aid organizations, associations, government agencies and companies working on refugee integration and support.
In August 2019, we were able to open our new school on the premises of the Rudolf Steiner School Birseck in Aesch.
Start pilot project “Free evening school Esperanza”. Since then there are classes on Monday and Tuesday (18:30 -20:30) regular lessons in the subjects German, mathematics, spoken German and homework assistance.
The atmosphere in the room is good, the respect is high, the school and the theatre were not only place of learning, but also a safe haven. This for about 30-40 of the many people who live in have come to Switzerland in search of protection, education and a chance for life. Whether from the temporarily admitted asylum seekers or recognized refugees, all are welcome. Everyone carries a heavy backpack, filled with unbearable experiences, Trauma, grief, stress and homesickness. In the conflict between their culture and the
ongoing cultural shock in Switzerland, these people are trying to create an intercultural connection. This without losing their own culture, but to understand the foreign culture and to respect, a much-needed connection. The only chance for a healthy and successful Integration. So Esperanza goes far beyond the German language, mathematics or art.

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