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works toward unity in cultural diversity and building bridges through music, dance, art, and culture.

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Hit the Beat – In Rhythm We Meet leads the participants into a character-forming process: learning to listen and recognize themselves in others are the first steps to more attentiveness, tolerance, and respect for one another. Hit the Beat projects have a lasting effect and turn the performers on stage into ambassadors for a way of life based on mutual appreciation and harmony. Often strong, continent-spanning friendships form. 
Through music, movement, and visual arts, we can communicate with each other non-verbally. Doing this enables us to experience other cultures, while at the same time, giving expression to our own. Cultural backgrounds work together as a team; and differences and preconceptions quickly become irrelevant through such personal encounters.
The new skills the participants learn can have a decisive influence on their subsequent educational path. Some former students have made a profession out of the talent they discovered at Hit the Beat events. Some also become involved in Hit the Beat as Junior Trainers for the next generation.
When young people become aware of their personal and cultural resources they become socially active in their own country, becoming much less susceptible to destructive lifestyles. They have gained perspective on their situation and are able to act on it. 

Vision and Mission

||| To promote tolerance in all areas of culture and inter-cultural understanding coupled with an international mindset.
||| To develop the musical talents of children, adolescents and adults from different cultural backgrounds, both migrant and settled, and to offer them social support.
Hit the Beat makes music with unusual instruments and objects. Everyone brings their music culture and individual abilities into the mix. But the main thing is to be involved. In their projects, they find a role for everyone and develop their musical creativity. | Choir, Drumming, Vocal coaching, Hip-Hop, Being in a band, Instrumental improvisation, Garbage music, Mini-orchestra
They do action art, or devise backgrounds for the musical shows with photos, films, and creative stage scenery. Depending on what is on offer, the participants have the chance to try their hand at a wide variety of visual arts. | Installations,Graffiti, Photography, Video, Painting, Handcraft
And action! They work out original dance choreographies, which entail creative combinations of traditional and modern dance elements, theatre, poetry and what lives in the locality. They also incorporate singers, musicians, and drummers into our ideas for the show. | Dance, Theatre, Spoken word, Poetry slam, Stick-fighting
What would a show be without technology that works, fundraising, catering or decoration? Students on a practical placement or job-shadowing get a chance to display and develop their organisational talents. | Planning, execution and evaluation of events, Finance, Fundraising, Storytelling, Marketing, New media, Stage, sound and lighting technology, Catering, Decoration, Security and fire prevention
Hit the Beat seeks to develop the participants’ self-esteem and their ability to be at home in intercultural situations and their soft skills. They are not looking to turn out perfect artists, but to meet the whole person in an authentically creative way. Thus they are constantly improving our standards and bringing out new talent. | World café, Sound journeys, Team-building, Individualised coaching, Mediation, Conflict resolution, Further training
Many young people that have been part of their projects still come back and tell them how this has had an impact on their lives. Through artistic work, they have learned to be more creative – many of them have become successful in professional areas.
Hit the Beat works mainly in Namibia, South Africa, and Germany.
They have identified a number of global developments which they regard as major issues of our time. One is migration. All over the world, cultures are clashing and mixing all the time. This puts many people in a position of not knowing how to relate to others, and how to treat them with respect, interest, and due consideration. The question facing everyone is: how can I value and be an active member of my own culture and still be open to others?
Another is the increasing digitalization of everyday life, which tends to make individuals more isolated. There is a constant search for recognition in social media and our lives are increasingly ruled by superficial relationships. How can we create more community experiences and authentic human interaction? How can young people show mutual appreciation of their abilities and creatively develop them, for instance, in school, at work, and in daily life?
The third aspect is bringing people of different backgrounds together and building bridges between them. The idea is that through getting to know one another and appreciating each other personally, they will also meet culturally by “Uniting through Cultural Diversity”.
Hit the Beat invests in the potential of the rising generation and tries to resolve conflict through cultural exchange. This helps them develop soft skills for their everyday life, understanding that they are important to this world. They have experienced that young people develop self-confidence, self-esteem, courage, and creativity in their projects, while discovering the unknown potential within them, and they offer a platform for this unfolding. For young people that come from former disadvantaged groups, this has offered new perspectives which help them learn to present themselves in a manner that opens up new paths.
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