Holy Green Agro Farm [Nepal]

is a biodynamic farm west of Kathmandu that aims to develop as a learning insitute for Anthroposphy, Biodynamic Agriculture, and Waldorf Education in the Himalayas.

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Holy Green Agro Farm started in 2014 as a biodynamic farm, which provides biodynamic produce to local communities in Nepal.
Holy Green Agro Farm also intends to expand as a processing center for organic products that will be made available locally and abroad; and an educational institution that can organize different courses, and training programs in Anthroposophy, Biodynamic Agriculture, and Waldorf Education.
Their aim is to establish a small-scale manufacturing company to make different varieties of agricultural products and sell them to both local consumers and the international market.


||| To establish an organic biodynamic seed bank – empowering local farmers to grow and preserve their own seeds.
||| To work in the community with farmers, university students, and other individuals interested in Anthroposophy, Biodynamic Agriculture and Waldorf Education.
||| To create a healthy society that can be a platform to help each other and care for the ecosystem as a whole.
Happy Green Agro Farm goes against the grain of monocrop farming, and killing wildlife and insects for food consumption or pest control.
Through Biodynamic Agriculture, they show local farmers and villagers that nurturing the whole ecosystem yields high quality produce and heals the soil they till.

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Rüttiweg 45, CH 4143-Dornach

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T: +41 61 706 43 24
E: contact@wsif.org


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