Initiativforum für Geflüchtete [Switzerland]

helps refugees find their bearings in Switzerland through practical assistance, artistic community activities, and monthly support meetings. 

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Initiativforum für Geflüchtete is an impulse that sprung out of the 2016 Swiss Anthroposophical Society Annual Conference. They organize monthly gatherings for volunteers to meet refugees & offer support in rebuilding their lives after the migration.
The monthly meetings also host artistic & crosscultural activities that can help the refugees connect to Swiss culture while meeting supporters and friends.
Initiativforum für Geflüchtete creates a space for the refugees to rebuild their own Self through sharing stories, participating in group activities, laughing together or singing songs from home.


||| To provide a safe space for the refugees to share their biographies as a way of healing from the trauma they faced due to war, and forced migration.
||| To strengthen the refugees’ own sense of Self which has been destroyed by war, their flight, and the trauma they experienced.
||| To uphold the dignity of the refugees by helping them in their healing, witnessing their becoming, and meeting them as individuals.

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Rüttiweg 45, CH 4143-Dornach

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