International Class Graz [Austria]

is a school for integration that helps young refugees living in Austria reach their full potential and find meaning in life through holistic learning and active participation.

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International Class Graz for young refugees started in the Spring 2016 under the collaborative work of SEKEM-Austria and Freie Waldorfschule Graz.
Along with subjects that will enable the students to find a good job after their studies, the International Class offers holistic education including German literacy, Austrian culture, and the practical aspects of living in Graz.
The programme also provides social activities that will bring the International Class and Freie Waldorfschule-Graz Upper Class together, creating a space for crosscultural exchange and individual encounter.


||| To help the young refugees prepare for the working life.
||| To offer tools for a healthy emotional anchoring—making it possible for the young refugees to take hold of one’s Self and engage actively in the world.
||| To explore ways of how the young refugees can integrate meaningfully into society, an impulse which is already living in their hearts.
The International Class offers:
…General Education with a graduation certificate
…Modules for certificate examinations in language competence (ÖSD A1, A2, B1)
…Integration through Interaction (cross-class projects with the Freie Waldorfschule Graz Upper Class)
…Personal development through additional cognitive, artistic, and manual instruction
…Internships in social work, agriculture, and other fields
…Intensive and empathic human encounter as a sign of respect towards an individual’s fate and unique circumstances.

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Rüttiweg 45, CH 4143-Dornach

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