empowers persons with different abilities through inclusive sustainable community development.

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KaGPWD [Karambi Group of People with Disabilities] was founded in 1995 by a group of people with disabilities in response to the discrimination, isolation, and exclusion faced by differently-abled people in Uganda. 
Their projects focus on empowering individuals with disabilities through inclusive education, vocational skills training, entrepreneurial programs, permaculture, and food forestry. They also ensure access to health care, rehabilitation, clean water, and basic sanitation.
The organization has established long-term partnerships with 8 schools and 4 community groups in promoting inclusive education, permaculture, food forestry, and community regeneration. 
They have helped 350 adults and linked 178 children to specialized health care providers, 90% of which have access to quality education.
Their projects also focus on women empowerment through entrepreneurial programs and vocational skills training attended by almost 300 women and girls- the majority gaining autonomy and becoming self-employed. 
2, 142 children and youth ages 10 to 18 have been trained in permaculture ethics, food forestry, and community regeneration.
Recently, KaGPWD supervised 2 constructed water burrows that now provide clean and safe drinking water to 1,500 households in the district. To date, they planted 1, 560 fruit trees and 30, 450 trees, restoring 8 acres of land in Uganda.

Their vision is to live in an inclusive community where persons with disabilities can enjoy their freedom and live a dignified life:
||| learn without discrimination and have access to holistic education;
||| are provided with health care and financial assistance;
||| can acquire skills through vocational and entrepreneurial programs, creating a possibility for them to gain employment and become financially independent; and
||| are empowered to be employed and employ other people; get married and have a family; own property like land, housing, or business ventures; practice their chosen spiritual beliefs, and participate actively in the community.
KaGPWD promotes:
||| Inclusive education
||| Rehabilitation and Health care
||| Economic Empowerment
||| Permaculture

KaGPWD is also directly contributing to the following UN SDGs:
1 No Poverty
2 Zero Hunger
3 Good Health
4 Quality Education
6 Clean Water and Sanitation
10 Reduced Inequality
13 Climate Action

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