Kamah Curative Community [Israel]

is a Camphill Community that integrates people with special needs, and at-risk children and youth in the community by providing a unique communal model for social inclusion in Israel.

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Kamah Curative Community provides individuals with special needs a rehabilitative and therapeutic home in a rural community. Members live in a supportive community of 600 individuals in Kibbutz Harduf – a quarter of which live in rehabilitative homes run by Kamah.
Since 1993, hundreds of children, youth, and adults have benefited from Kamah’s model by leading a lifestyle that is fully integrated into the work landscape, domestic life, and social fabric of a thriving and diverse environment.
Kamah’s success in establishing the first curative community in Israel has inspired other groups to replicate the same model in their own communities.
The reality of living together – people with special needs next to members of the normative community including children, youth, and adults of all ages and occupations – creates a tapestry of mutual acceptance and giving.


||| To emphasize generosity, tolerance, and conscious development based on Anthroposophy and nurturing the healthy core of the human being.
||| To support members with unique holistic therapeutic and educational programs such as therapeutic horseback riding, vocational rehabilitation, and art therapy for them to fulfill their potential as contributing members of their communities.
||| To live according to the ethics of environmental protection and ecological sustainability.
||| To participate in activities that incorporate artistic expression, creative, and productive handicrafts, and a close encounter with nature.
The Supportive Home
The houses are supported by therapists, social workers, a Beit Elisha ‘mother’ or ‘father’, and other professionals from the hosting community.
Vocational Rehabilitation
Providing members with work opportunities to work and socialize with clients and their communities awards them a meaningful life with personal and professional fulfillment. Work settings include pottery and paper workshops, hand weaving, and food production (bakery &  kitchen), horse stables, organic vegetable garden, and a coffee shop.
Personal Growth through Recreation
Social and cultural activities like sports, painting, sculpting, carpentry, stage and theater arts, music, folk dancing, and other artistic streams enable each individual to explore new interests, develop skills and experience himself/herself as a whole and as part of a larger community.
Therapeutic Assistance
Complemented by the formal care of social workers and a psychiatrist, members receive a wide range of therapeutic assistance including physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic horseback riding, music & singing, and art therapy.

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