Kfar Rafael [Israel]

offers adults with special needs, foster families, and young volunteers from Israel and abroad till the land a variety of workshops, create art, and celebrate lifecycles together.

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Kfar Rafael offers an alternative way of life in southern Israel, where most people living in the city are disconnected from each other. They are a rural community where people choose to live together and accept each other’s challenges and gifts.
The local kindergartens and schools visit their community weekly to share with them the fruits of their work. They collaborate with different volunteering organizations and various schools in Israel and  abroad. Bringing people together in this special setting helps everyone to see the value of taking care of another.


They wish to enable people to experience the blessing of community life, the gifts that the so-called disabled individuals can offer, and the grace of the connection to nature.
They believe that each individual has a special gift to offer to the community. But sometimes they need help in order to be able to manifest those gifts.
By having people from different backgrounds ad abilities  as real partners in the community, everyone learns that true human development is not happening by cutting out the challenges but by embracing all that there is.
“When I first came to Kfar Rafael I thought I would be the “normal” person, doing a favor and looking after “disabled” people. To my surprise, I discovered that the villagers (adults with special needs) help me to discover who I really am – helping me both to accept and change myself. At one point, I didn’t know anymore who is really helping whom. This is the magic of community.” – a young co-worker’s reflection after she completed her volunteer year in Kfar Rafael
Kfar Rafael

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