Koberwitz 1924 Inc. [Philippines]

focuses on consciousness-raising in the fields of agriculture, health, nutrition, and education.

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Koberwitz 1924 Inc. centers its ethos on “connecting man and the cosmos, healing the earth”. Based in Palawan, one of the most biodiverse islands in the world and the Philippines´ last frontier, they work with the local community in the fields of agriculture, health, nutrition, and education. 
They also collaborate with daycare groups, government officials, non-government workers, private individuals, and schools (both local and international) in projects related to individual empowerment, community development, and healing of the earth.
With an awareness of the present conditions of the Philippines – a country with a very powerful elite who control both politics and the economy, and a vast majority of poor people who do not have much say in how things can be improved –  they believe that raising the consciousness of the individual is an important first step towards societal transformation. 

||| To work on awakening people to the realities around them (external) and helping them see that they have it in their power to contribute to the betterment of their situation (internal).

||| Bio-dynamic agriculture including the breeding and production of seeds, training, consulting and networking services, protection of forest and reforestation, research, development and application in the realms of life technologies, health and nutrition
||| The founding and support of holistic schools, particularly Waldorf Schools, as well as support in the application of holistic aspects in existing schools
||| Educational and training programs in various areas like the senses, health, medical self-help, medicine-making, various therapies
||| Medical and therapeutic services, assistance in self-development

“When a man who has been a farmer all his life says after a whole day of training, ‘Now I know how to make a compost heap’, then we know we have made our small contribution.” – Walter Siegfried Hahn and Dr. Grace Zozobrado-Hahn, Koberwitz 1924 Inc 

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