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builds a healthy, vibrant community in Zimbabwe and beyond, while working to enable healing with the land, in the community, and in education.

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Kufunda Village began as a dream in 2001 when Founder Marianne Knuth returned from Denmark to Zimbabwe.
Her own experience of the wisdom and beauty of the Zimbabwean people – especially those from rural places – led her to create Kufunda as a place of learning. It is a place where people could recover their sense of pride, wisdom, and capacity in working with their own knowledge and deepening their resourcefulness.
As Kufunda began, integrating the best from many places emerged as a necessity. Today, there are 28 people who live and work at Kufunda with their families in ongoing learning of what it means to live and co-create a healthy vibrant community. This atmosphere of co-creating is nurtured through sharing educational programs and partnerships.

The biggest challenges in Zimbabwe are people not believing in themselves and living out of a need for basic survival. From this, nothing truly generative can be born.
These challenges are what Kufunda Village addresses by supporting people to connect with themselves and their community. This connection is nurtured by appreciating their innate gifts and talents – from which they can build a more sustainable reality.
Their work includes a Waldorf-inspired school for children, sustainable farming, eco-building, healthy living, and participatory, co-creative community practices.

Healing with the Land Kufunda practices permaculture during its early years. Since 2019, they began the shift to fully incorporate biodynamic farming on the 327-acre farm they are based on. Their farming is maintained in collaboration with the school children and parents from their Waldorf-inspired school, as well as the neighbouring community. They teach organic and biodynamic farming to community members from across Zimbabwe. They also teach how to make composting toilets – where each toilet becomes the site of a tree once fully utilized.
Healing in Community The Kufunda community works with the individual and their personal development to grow in their sense of self and their contribution. Out of this flow many diverse workshops to support community and collective processes.
Women are Medicine Empowering women to reconnect with their strength and courage amidst a patriarchal society.
Men’s Circles Exploring the concept and practice of healthy masculinity and what it means to be a man in an ever-evolving society.
Youth Leadership Supporting communities and community organizers in processes that can help them re-ignite and manifest their collective vision, purpose, and sustainability.
Healing Education Bringing deepened vitality to our community and showing a new sense of possibility that grows as people discover what beauty and creativity their children are capable of.
“Through the work in the community and with the land, we have discovered that much unlearning is needed by children who have been through the formal education system – many of them have lost their innate creativity and self-confidence after their years of formal education. To do this, we have our own Waldorf-inspired school, which also serves the neighbouring communities. We also support community Waldorf-inspired kindergartens working with approximately 18 rural kindergartens and pre-schools across Zimbabwe. We host annual Waldorf kindergarten weeklong seminars with resource people from outside Zimbabwe slowly but surely building knowledge and practice around a more child-centred approach to education.” – Marianne Knuth, Founder

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