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is founded as the first and only indigenous Waldorf school in the US that focuses on developing cultural identity.

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Lakota Waldorf School provides equal educational opportunities for children on the Pine Ridge Reservation in Lakota since 1993.
Like many other indigenous cultures worldwide, Lakota is facing a variety of struggles as a community such as historical trauma, systematic oppression and unequal opportunities.
Founded by Lakota parents and Isabel Stadnick, the school was developed to provide the children of the Oglala Sioux Tribe with high-quality and holistic education using the Waldorf pedagogical framework.

Their mission is to provide Waldorf Education based on Lakota language and culture that helps Lakota children cultivate and strengthen their cultural identity, build a solid foundation for Lakota language fluency, and develop the academic, social, and practical skills needed to meet the challenges faced by indigenous peoples in today’s world.

Lakota Waldorf School offers K-8 classes with internal teacher training called the Academy for Indigenous Waldorf Pedagogy (AIWP).
LWS has a traditional dance club, drum group, biodynamic gardening program, an organic meal program, and a unique Waldorf curriculum that is based on the Lakota culture.
Additionally, the school fosters eco-friendly practices such as producing their own produce in the hoop-house on campus, recycling/reusing/reducing goods, and being a plastic-free community.
The school building is a modern strawbale building. They are currently working on planting a fruit orchard and native plants surrounding the school.

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