One Happy Family

[Greece – Switzerland]

provides a safe haven for displaced individuals in Lesvos, where upholding human dignity, supporting self-determination, and fostering a sense of belongingness are built “WITH the people, and NOT FOR them”.

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One Happy Family built a halfway community for displaced individuals who are currently stuck in Lesvos, Greece due to border restrictions.
Due to its proximity to Turkey, Lesvos has become an important waypoint for people fleeing from wars and crises in Africa and the Middle East. These people stay on the island for several months, as the EU-Turkey agreement hinders refugees to continue their way into Europe. Most of them cannot also return to their countries because of the severe human rights situation prevailing in Turkey.
One Happy Family fills the gap that arose from insufficient humanitarian aid and lack of government intervention in the present refugee situation.
The camp engages the refugees in building and running the camp by encouraging them to participate in decision-making and problem-solving.
By allowing them to become active community members, they develop their sense of independence, autonomy, self-determination, and responsibility, along with a sense of belongingness and working with others. 

One Happy Family has built the following amenities:
|||  A Kitchen that provides over 800 hot meals a day
||| The International School of Peace – a Learning Center for Children and Adults
|||  The Drachma – Bank with their own local currency 
|||  An Edible Garden where herbs, vegetables, and flowers are grown
|||  A Medical Clinic
|||  Other amenities such as a library, an outdoor gym, a playground for children, a barbershop, a repair shop, a women’s space, and art table, several workshop spaces, and a cyber café

The community is not being built and run FOR the people, but WITH them. Together with people from different nations, volunteers, and displaced people, it is turning into a community. The people from the camps are not only engaged in building and running but also in problem-solving and decision making. That’s how they want to give them back some independence, autonomy, and a sense of responsibility.

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