ReGeneration [US]

is an interfaith community dedicated to establishing early childhood development and education programs for children in crisis zones afflicted by conflict, natural disaster, and poverty.

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ReGeneration accomplishes their work in three areas:
||| Spirit of Childhood (Trauma-Informed Education in Crisis Zones): hosts micro-training programs, conferences, and workshops for teachers working in crisis zones. They also develop a toolbox for teachers and volunteers, which identifies, highlights, and disseminate best educational practices for children in crisis zones – with a special focus on early childhood development and education.
||| AWE – Arab Waldorf Education: supports the ongoing development of Waldorf Education for the Arab Community in Israel and Palestine through:
…tuition assistance for Waldorf Teacher Training for Arabic-speaking teachers
…translating Waldorf Parenting and Teacher Training Materials into Arabic
…translating Waldorf resources in Arabic made available online
…supporting bilingual and Arabic Waldorf Kindergartens
||| Fostering Kinship: supports bridge-building and communication skills development for children’s influencers by partnering with other organizations who are introducing and teaching social technologies that cultivate socio-emotional skills and enhance a peaceful, wholesome environment for children.  

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