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is an international organization in Kathmandu that creates an environment that meets not just the survival needs of each child which but also tries to listen and support their courageous spirit.

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Sano Taraharu addresses the social issues of Nepal directly by working to support the nutrition of children and their general well-being of health and spirit.
Social conditions in Nepal leave many suffering in its centuries-old caste system, political instability, oppression of women and children, poverty, inadequate healthcare, and poor education system. Sano Taraharu addresses these issues by committing to the children and care mothers their attention and support.
They have raised funds and built a classroom on the orphanage premises for toddlers and provide fresh milk and diapers each month. They organized and facilitated adult training focusing on the care of newborn children in September 2019. In attendance, we had 20 in total consisting of teachers, parents, health care providers, and we sponsored the care mothers of the orphanage.
The new approaches made a more profound impression on the participants through their own experience in the seminar.  Sano Taraharu helps ensure each child when arriving into the orphanage’s care has an opportunity to attend the Waldorf Schools around Kathmandu.
It is their hope that the adults they work with will feel supported, empowered, and encouraged to bring joy and care to the children, which can ray out and bring light and love in places where resilience lives.
Before COVID – 19, their first project was trying to meet the needs of children by building an orphanage for them. While this is still their task, they expanded to fundraising to ensure direct and daily food sources to people in their community.

“We hope to meet other children who are in need and try to work into children’s homes, schools, with midwives, health care, etc. where we can continue building bridges. We also stay committed in sustaining and continuing out work to those in Bal Madir.
One thing to note is how much reciprocation we have experienced at Sano Taraharu. Meaning, we do not interfere in the lives of these children and adults to change them or do like we do. We need to assess and see the beauty that lives and exists. Then we try to support it for it to continue growing strong.
The people whom we have connected and worked with have given us such warmth and rich learning experiences. There is innate solidarity that lives amongst Nepali people and they share it.
Some impact we can bring is through a level of awareness for the need to care for children with joy, dignity, and respect. We can help the children as they grow to know their own strengths and resources and to help cultivate their imagination. Because this has definitely an impact not only on the child and the family but to the Nepalese folk in our time.”

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