SEKEM [Egypt]

is a model for sustainable development in Egypt that supports individual unfolding and works as a community with the ethos “Economy of Love” and “Unfolding Individual Potential” at the heart of its practice.

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SEKEM continues to be a pioneer in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility since its founding in 1977 in Cairo, Egypt.
The vision that brought Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish to dig the first well in Cairo’s vast desert still drives SEKEM’s business approach today, a compass which guides them in their everyday work in all affiliated companies.
SEKEM’s Mission, Vision & Values work towards a future where every human being can unfold his or her potential; where mankind is living together in social forms reflecting human dignity; and where all economic activity is conducted in accordance with ecological and ethical principles through the “Economy of Love”.


||| To establish biodynamic agriculture as the competitive solution for the environmental, social, and food security challenges of the 21st century.
||| To support individual development through holistic education and medical care.
||| To create workplaces reflecting human dignity and supporting employee development.
||| To build successful business models in accordance with ecological and ethical principles.
||| To innovate sustainability through research in natural and social sciences.
||| To advocate locally and globally for a holistic approach in sustainable development.
For 2057, SEKEM’s commitment is to sustainably transform Egypt’s ecological, economical, societal, and cultural life.

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