Tamilnadu People Welfare Association (TAPWA) [India]

is a non-government organization committed to the individual development of women, orphaned children, people with disabilities, and individuals with STD.

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Tamilnadu People Welfare Association (TAPWA) supports 110 Self-Help Groups for Women, enabling 1,650 members to become economically-independent through savings assistance, income generation, and credit linkage for sustainable living.
From 2006, 275 orphaned- and semi-orphaned children are also supported to complete formal education through the residential care program.
95 houses have been constructed for homeless and disadvantaged women. 50 families with differently-abled children are also economically supported to take up income generation as their livelihood.
An initiative that started in 1988, TAPWA helps initiatives to empower women, children, and persons with disabilities through leadership training programs, micro-credit, skills development, income generation, supplementary educational centers, residential care for orphaned children, and counseling.

Empowering the marginalized, especially the most vulnerable groups, in all aspects of their development
|||  to reach the vulnerable poor who are deprived and neglected – women, orphaned children, and people with disabilities 
|||  to help individuals become equal stakeholders of every aspect of their development – enabling them to be active agents of change in their communities

A Report from TAPWA:
||| Addressing Social Challenges 
The major challenge we face in our interventions is empowering rural women for their development.
Gender domination, the strong influence of the caste system, and strong traditional practice exist, which make women as secondary, socially and culturally. They are not allowed to participate in public events and programs and major decisions and family management are still carried out by men.
The problems faced by men like addiction, alcoholism, unemployment, and not sharing the responsibility of caring for their children also become one of our challenges – putting women and children at risk.
We believe that early intervention is essential to protect women and children from any form of domestic abuse. 
|||  Changes in the community
We implement interventions through effective awareness campaigns, capacity building programs on leadership, and continued visioning for the Community Stakeholders as effective supports for program delivery.
We work towards women empowerment through savings and bank linkage for women to take independent decisions for themselves. Once they are economically independent, they are able to meet challenges both individually and collectively.
We have rescued at-risk children and supported their schooling. We see education as a strong foundation that can determine their life situation and enable them to work towards a promising future.
We have also motivated single women, widows, and deserted women to lead a dignified life through their own efforts. 
||| Changes in the Individual
Mrs. Lakshmi, aged 30, is from Devarnagar village in Pallapatty. She lost her husband Mr. Murugan years after they eloped, which left her raising their 4 children on her own.
Their eldest daughter, Pallayi (10 y/o), is tested V STD; daughter Vaithegi (8 y/o) with III STD; and twin boys Amirtharaman and Amuthalakshmanan (6 y/o) are hearing-impaired and have learning difficulties.
Mrs. Lakshmi barely earned a decent wage to support her family’s basic needs – unable to provide better education and health care for her children.
TAPWA supported Mrs. Lakshmi and her family through income generation and the disability program. She was granted with Rs. 20, 000/- as seed money to procure a sewing machine for her tailoring business.
She earns Rs. 300 daily to date,  enabling her to provide a better life for her and her children.

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