The Alsama Project [Palestine]

brings the anthroposophical spirit in the occupied areas of Palestine through curative education and therapeutic programs for people with different abilities.

Alsama Project runs a specialized daycare center  that provides curative education and  therapies for people with different abilities since 2014 in Jenin, Palestine.
Alsama Founder Faiza Vida Alhusseini started this project for poor people with special needs who are not granted basic human rights such as basic health care and inclusion in the Palestine social system.
This project aims to eliminate the stigma towards people with different abilities by providing specialized education that will enable them to be active contributors in society. With the care they experienced in Alsama, they started walking again and doing meaningful work.
The small garden tended by the farmers at Alsama provides vegetables for people under their care. They also work with camels grazing in the area – giving every one a chance to interact with nature and do daily tasks with love and care.


||| To help adults with different abilities reach their full potential.
||| To provide a safe, inviting home where each human being is unique and has a right to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life regardless of disability, race, and religious background.
||| To enhance the curriculum through an anthroposophical approach that offers opportunities for differently-abled individuals to participate in social activities, cultural programs, and sports.
||| To incorporate the value of work through candle-making, soap production, and crafts.
||| To showcase their work to the local community by selling their products in local markets and bazaars.
Their vision is to establish a residential center that will house 20 people in a lifesharing community in Palestine.
This community will have an edible garden that could provide outdoor work and farming for people with different abilities.
They also envision to have a cultural and professional exchange among educators and volunteers from nearby communities and abroad, all aimed at raising consciousness that is based on human dignity, moral integrity, and basic human rights.

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