The Farm & Garden National Trust

[South Africa]

provides free and/or subsidized services, training, networking, and resources to community-based projects including, but not limited to, “micro-farming” (organic, biodynamic gardening, and small-scale farming), which improves the quality of life of people from poverty-stricken communities.

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The Farm & Garden National Trust believes in building a sustainable lifestyle, in which people re-learn how to feed themselves through the planting of their own vegetables.
Through the Farm & Garden National Trust, organic micro-farmers (that is, anyone who is running a home garden, community garden or a small farm) in poor communities can get a minimum of ongoing help.
The kind of help such people need is usually very modest, but it is also very specific, and corresponds to their stage of development along a development chain.
In order to achieve its objectives, the Farm & Garden National Trust:
||| Raises funds to assist micro-farmers and their activities.
||| Promotes the provision of training, support or assistance to community-based projects.
||| Provides permanent follow-up support to micro-farmers.
||| Assists community-based organisations to associate with and share skills, experience and resources with other, similar community-based projects, and associations serving such projects.
||| Supplies subsidised assessment services to micro-farming associations to assist them to continually evaluate their progress and improve practice.
||| Supplies free and/or subsidised professional services (organisational development, accounting and legal) to micro-farming groups and associations which directly support micro-farmers through selected partners/service providers.

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