The Sunbridge International Collaborative [USA]

is an experiential learning organization that allows children, young people, and adults to discover their sense of mission and vision within the global community – focusing on community transformation, social entrepreneurship, and youth employment to awaken individuals to their creative genius.

The Sunbridge International Collaborative/Brightmoor Makers Program addresses the social challenges of underserved communities in an urban environment.
Although their neighborhoods are rife with abandoned houses, vacant lots, street crimes, and water contamination/shut-offs, their work entails healing community trauma through craftwork and entrepreneurial endeavors that engage young people through meaningful social entrepreneurship.
They currently offer woodworking, furniture making, building construction, bike mechanics, screen printing, gardening, and landscape.
They are deeply embedded in the local community and their partners include neighborhood block clubs and community-based organizations such as the Brightmoor Alliance, Connect Detroit, and Grow Detroit’s Young Talent.
They have noted amazing steps in social-emotional learning and practical skills development, and their program offers multi-year possibilities.
Whenever possible, they offer a small stipend to young people and help them to sell their high-quality products such as handcrafted community signage and refurbished industrial trikes back into the community.
They strive to create a sanctuary space for self-development and community transformation and have worked with hundreds of 14-24 year-olds since 2009.


Over the years, Sunbridge International Collaborative has learned that a Maker Space is not only a workshop where young people come to make things, but it is also a space where they come to fashion their unique identities.
Out of this spirit, their methodology encompasses the Developmental Pathway of Work, Historical Epochs of Work & Healing through the Sheathes. They often refer to this as an Education From The Ground Up, which includes the incorporation of Sustainable Development Goals.
Their work is tied to community needs and Self-development, offering an exciting alternative to the current public educational setting that minimizes the arts and practical/hands-on work.
They are fully immersed in creating a “School of the Future” that will meet the immense challenges of the coming decade. And they understand that this will occur as young people claim their voice out of the Spirit of the Time in which we live.
Two major water issues were faced by residents in Detroit for the past 5 years, leading to drinking water contamination and residential water shut-offs in Detroit.
Sunbridge International Collaborative has built its own rain filtration system (RFS) that collects rainwater from the rooftops and makes it drinkable.
They have also created a water purification trike that is battery-powered by an electric assist and a stationary rain filtration system at a local church. They are also currently developing a UV filtration system for a school in Nairobi, Kenya.
This work has international implications and has taught the youth what it means to become proactive in the community.
They have done other projects that relate to community beautification through hand-crafted signage and vacant lot restoration.
Sunbridge International Collaborative will feature mobility through the BrightMobile project – developing a local pedal-powered bike/trike transportation system alongside the introduction of small house construction.
They operate the Brightmoor Makers program out of the Brightmoor Maker Space building on the west side of Detroit, Michigan, USA, and conduct hands-on workshops in China, Kenya, and Japan.
Their collaborative partners are Detroit Community High School and the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art and Design.
The power to heal and to develop self-confidence in a broken culture helps the youth to become resilient and gives them the staying power to meet multiple challenges.

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