The House of Peace


is a therapeutic community serving victims of war in companionship with differently-abled adults – offering education for peace and moral awakening.

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The House of Peace confronts marginalization with programs that include welcoming children from many countries in need of urgent medical care, transitional housing, and resources for refugees by collaborating with hospitals, churches, resettlement agencies, Camphill, and more.

||| Refugees of War
Since it started, the House of Peace has welcomed more than 500 refugees from 30 countries including Haiti, El Salvador, Vietnam, Cuba, Ethiopia, Eritrea, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, the Congo, and Syria.
||| People with Disabilities
At the heart of their work with refugees is companionship with people with disabilities who live at the House of Peace.
||| Peace & Justice
Since its inception, the House of Peace has partnered with organizations on the North Shore and beyond that are dedicated to the cause of peace and justice.
||| Anthroposophy
Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge, service, personal growth, and social engagement.

“Since our founding in 1990, more than 500 refugees and severely injured children from war have lived at the House of Peace. We also offer an internship/community service education program for students, support for urban children impacted by violence, a center for peace and justice gatherings, and an area for anthrosophical work, lectures, study groups, etc. We trust that a small anthroposophical community committed to upholding the rights of refugees and the striving of all who would welcome and serve them. This can create a sanctuary for healing and a foundation for a future-bearing renewal of human life.”

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