provides an “Art Therapy Further Education” program over three years in various modules – tackling the relation between artistic work and human development; and “training the trainers” who teach art in schools, work artistically with children or teens in social/therapeutic relations, and who are working within vacation-camps, school projects or charity organizations. 

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WOGOUD is located in Sheikh Zayed City, which is one of the poor areas in Cairo. Most of their students – who are mostly women – come because they are looking for a therapeutic way to work as medical practitioners and pedagogues.
As a city with 23 million people, Cairo is shaped by the past. The traditional heritage in the culture and the collective society are strengthening on one hand, and on the other, it can be limiting, making spaces for one’s own development rare.
There is a high awareness among the students for the need to change healing methods, and even more, to change the way we educate our children. The students realize throughout the training that they need these healing processes first of all for themselves. 
The students at WOGOUD are experiencing the treasure of the artistic path for life and work. Some undertook the praxis in different areas. Mona (librarian) is holding courses about the basics of art-therapy in hospitals. Hager (artist) is giving art courses for children in neglected areas in Cairo. Mirane (curative educator) is working with autistic and ADHD children in Al Moqattam district. Heba (former engineer) gathered children of friends who have difficulties through their puberty to artistic work. And Maram & Menna (psychology counseling TA & artist) started to intervene corporate-level companies with team-building. A student has accompanied the individual process of a severe cancer patient until death, and currently she is working with her orphans.
Art triggers individual processes as much as the confrontation with the unknown. It also confronts tradition and the safety coming out of it.

Vision and Mission

||| To establish a Waldorf kindergarten in Cairo and later on a Waldorf school, along with an anthroposophical therapeutic center. 
|||  To increase exchanging between countries in terms of art therapy. Since 2017, WOGOUD sent two students to the annual art therapy conference in Dornach, with a wish to send more students in the future. 
|||  To integrate Islam into anthroposophical art and therapy by a deeper understanding of the human being and life in general through art, Anthroposophy, and the Q’uran. 
One main challenge WOGOUD faces in training their students is the tendency to comply with the social structure – when people don’t trust themselves and their own attempts to solve problems. WOGOUD  invites the students to believe more in their own insights and intuition.
People can be used to common accepted tracks of life; and to make a step outside these tracks is not easy and demands courage, as much as trust, to one’s own thinking and feeling.  What WOGOUD is trying to unfold is “Individuality”. And  the main threshold is how one can “realize” this fact, that we are all individuals. 
With their efforts for a holistic artistic education over 3 years, WOGOUD tries to make a small contribution to their own training path, which is necessary to counteract internal destruction and pass on this source of strength to other people.
WOGOUD’s module includes:
…Sensitization through sensitivity of material
…Holistic view of nature while drawing and meditating
…Twelve senses
…Singing to integrate our own physicality and voice
…Practice “looking at & describing” artistic phenomena objectively such as color, shape, sound, movement, etc.
…Get to know the new + unknown in the artistic process
…Get to know yourself in artistic work in order to know the world around you a new
… Sevenlife processes
“Opening up the senses gradually the way we did throughout this module felt like I was gradually coming to life. And much like we get dressed in the morning to face the day, I feel like coming in touch with my senses is the experience of weaving into myself. Allowing myself to BE. Just be.”– Maram, Psychology TA at American University in Cairo 

Contact : Petra Rosenkranz, Germany

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