Working for Bees [Zimbabwe]

focuses on sustainability in social , economic, and environmental spheres through beekeeping.

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Working for Bees follows the asset-based approach to beekeeping that are easily mobilized to make a sustainable living for the community.
The income from their production has enabled children in low-income communities to access quality education and families to have food on their tables. The honey they collect from beekeping is also used as medicine.
To ensure a viable ecosystem as home for the bees they protect, community members are planting trees, thus curbing deforestation and reducing the impact of climate change.


||| To provide a proactive approach towards financial freedom
|||  To conserve the environment through beekeeping
|||  To eradicate hunger and poverty through beekeping, education, and community work
There is a high level of poverty, hunger, environmental degradation, and unemployment in Zimbabwe. This project brings with it crop pollination from bees for improved food security, which brings opportunities to generate revenue, reduce land degradation from deforestation and wild fires, and create employment for communities in their own setup.

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