YIF: Young Innovators Foundation [India]

is a creative and engaging space in India that offers socio-cultural, economic, and spiritual support for indigenous children and young people coming from the slums in their pursuit of unfolding their potential.

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YIF (Young Innovators Foundation) works with the indigenous children living in the forest area of Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) and with the children from the neighboring slums of Mumbai.
While they respect that karma and destiny play a part in the life circumstances of the children, the idea that every individuality can create new choices and possibilities lies at the heart of YIF’s advocacy.
These learning centers are built because YIF believes that if children can learn in a safe and integrated environment, they can truly actively participate in shaping their lives, while in turn helping the world heal.


||| To meet the children where they are and honor the uniqueness of each child.
||| To co-create a world anchored in truth, beauty, and love.
||| To give all the necessary tools and experiences possible to prepare the individual in taking inspired action with commitment and personal responsibility.
YIF offers a variety of programs that the children can choose from:
…attend the Sunday Study Program (Masti ki Paathshala: Funschool);
…join the Sports Program, where playing football is the current passion;
…be active in the community lab (CoLab), where everyone participates in building, and repairing the schoolhouses and community centerss; and
…go on Learning Journeys, where the world becomes their classroom.
All of these spaces become playgrounds for them to explore their interests and capacities.
Initially focusing on the well-being of the children, the focus has been expanded to include the health of the teachers, parents, and the environment.
The parents and the community at-large has increased their participation in dialogues and discussions around personal and community health, which is a great start to building a dream together as a community.

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