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Masks for Monte Azul & Support to Families in the Favelas

Help our partner organization Associação Comunitária Monte Azul [BR] provide basic goods to families living in the favelas who are economically affected by the COVID-19…

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I am Kait Ziegler

Born in 1987 in South Korea, I am based in Los Angeles and work as a National Social Justice Organizer for the Poor People’s Campaign:…

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CHALLENGING TIMES: An Artistic Pandemic

By participating in the project, the time of lockdown will not be remembered as lost time or a time of powerlessness, but as a time…

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I am Nathaniel Williams

Born in 1979 in the US, I co-founded Free Columbia. I stand up for ideas & initiatives I believe hold promise for the future.  Nathaniel…

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I am Ute Craemer

Born in 1938 in Germany, I pioneered Associação Comunitária Monte Azul, Alliance for Childhood in Brazil, and co-founded the World Social Initiative Forum. I stand…

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Look Up, Wake Up, Show Up

Text: Joan Sleigh [ZA] | Photo: Nicole Asis [PH] World Social Initiative Forum Project Leader Joan Sleigh writes about courage and trust to capture the…

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Facing the Gap

Text: Nicole Asis | Edited: Joan Sleigh | Photos: screenshots from the Web-Seminar The World Social Initiative Forum launched its first Web-Seminar “What Now?: Social…

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Living In Between Spaces : The First WSIF Web-Seminar Series

Text: Nicole Asis [PH] | Poster Design: Juan Bottero [AR] The first WSIF Webinar Series | Layout by Juan Bottero [AR] The pandemic has uncovered…

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The Pandemic of Fear and the Medicine of Love

The Pandemic of Fear Text: Benjamin Cherry | Photo: 烧不酥在上海 老的 @geraltyichen The real pandemic today is fear. And the specific force – or ‘virus’…

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Japan: Do Epidemics have a Common Message to Convey

Text: Daisuke Onuki [JP] | Photo: Max Anderson [@thepicnictree] As of June 25, a total of 18,110 cases and 968 deaths have been reported in Japan.…

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