WSIF Egypt 2019: Unfolding Individual Potential for the Future

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World Social Initiative Forum Project Leader & General Anthroposophical Society Executive Board Member Joan Sleigh reflects on SIF Egypt 2019: Unfolding Individual Potential for the Future.

Video: Juan Bottero [AR] & Narimeh Paeplow [DE]

“How do we unfold our individual potential for the future? What does the future need? How can we empower people to take themselves on?… (Through) self-directed learning & learning from life, which is probably the biggest & most important tool for learning nowadays – (we can) step into life in all its challenges.” – Joan Sleigh, SIF Project Leader & General Anthroposophical Society Board Member

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WSIF Egypt 2019: Unfolding Individual Potential for the Future | w/ SEKEM & Heliopolis Uni | 12-15 Dec 2019 | Cairo EG


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