Gamot Cogon Waldorf School launches Food Drive for Families in Libongcogon

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Enlivening Social Life: Solidarity in the Time of COVID-19  Gamot Cogon Waldorf School launches a food drive to help families in their local community economically affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Text: Anna Teresa Slater [PH] | Photos: Tess Cañonero [PH]  and Hannah Aaron [PH]

Given with hope | © Tess Cañonero

Philippines – We learned that many families in Libongcogon ―the village where our school is located―lost livelihood due to the enhanced community quarantine against the Coronavirus. Many of them, such as tricycle drivers who have brought teachers and students to and from the school every day, live on their daily wages.

Due to the delay of government assistance, we decided to mobilize our school community—parents, friends, and supporters—for donations to create healthy food packs for families in our town.

Hence, generosity flowed. Volunteer parents, teachers, and local officials came to help distribute rice, fish, and fresh organic vegetables to over 200 households in the community beyond the school gates.  Instead of receiving students, the school entrance was transformed into a hub of giving and solidarity as one community. 

If more donations come in, we hope to continue helping the community withstand this challenging time in any way that we can. For those who wish to contribute, you may find a donation button on our website.

Organic produce | © Hannah Aaron

About the spearheaders
Anna Teresa Slater is an upper school drama and literature teacher of Gamot Cogon Waldorf School. Tess Cañonero is the admin supervisor, a board member, and a Gamot Cogon parent. They have both been working at the school for 12 years. Gamot Cogon Waldorf School is in Iloilo, Philippines.

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