TRANS4M contributes an Integral Perspective in SIF Egypt 2019

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An international network of educators, curative educators, social workers, researchers & individuals interested in holistic education & sustainability gathered for SIF Egypt 2019  last December 12-15, 2019. Organized by the Social Initiative Forum & SEKEM , the network met at Heliopolis University in Egypt to share ideas on creative pedagogical practices that can help build a sustainable future. 

Text: Alexander Schieffer, Ph.D. [DE] | Photos: Mohammed El-Banby [EG] & Narimeh Paeplow [DE] | Edited: Nicole Asis [PH] Article originally published at

Which future do you choose? | © TRANS4M

Some 300 participants joined this interactive & dynamic event that combined community learning with inspiring keynotes, skills workshops, artistic workshops & a large variety of networking & collaboration. 

With its guiding theme “Unfolding Individual Potential for the Future”, SIF Egypt 2019 focused on enhancing the Self to engage in community development through an integral, socially-relevant & artistic approach. This included education on different levels (formal schooling, higher education, informal skills training & the practice of self-development), as well as potential-unfolding activities within economic, agricultural & cultural settings.

Co-creating a Mandala | © TRANS4M

TRANS4M participated via its co-founder Alexander Schieffer who contributed two workshops & a keynote speech. During the TRANS4M workshops “Unleashing Human Gene-i-us – A Workshop for Integral Worldmakers”, participants were guided through the five-step GENE-I-US model, aligned with the five dance rhythms by Gabriele Roth. Combining conceptual input, practical tools, introspective questions & dance turned out to be a highly transformative format, that resulted in deep personal insights into the “unfolding of individual potential” of the participants.  They also co-created a shared Mandala, summarizing their key findings. In the workshops, TRANS4M was strongly supported by Martina Dinkel, SEKEM’s director for Eurythmy & Performing Arts.

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