Ute Craemer on “World Citizenship” in WSIF Japan 2018

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Video: Juan Bottero [AR] & Osmer Productions [CH]
“…the forum’s objective is to show young and old generations that we can actually be ‘world citizens’— to set free this inner spark of world citizenship for them to perceive themselves as contemporary citizens where differences complement each other.”  Ute Craemer, Founder of Associação Comunitária Monte Azul  (WSIF Japan 2018)

SIF Japan 2018 “Knowing Self through Others” | 29 March – 2 April 2018 | Minobusan JP

Ute Craemer is the founder of the Associação Comunitária Monte Azul and co-founder of the Social Initiative Forum. See Ute’s biography here. 

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