Vulingoma AMANDLA 2018 European Tour

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Text: Andrea dela Cruz [ES] | Media: Vulamasango [ZA]

Vulingoma is Vulamasango‘s children choir. Every two years, the orphanage’s children travel from South Africa to Europe to raise awareness of Vulamasango’s work and to fundraise for the organisation’s activities. The children’s amazing talent is nurtured and cared for by the choir directors Lusanda Bali and Akhona Stuurman, who were taken into the orphanage as kids. As young adults, they now work to support the children’s’ development through music. Seeing them singing is an incredible experience that connects audiences with Vulamasango’s great work in providing youngsters and children in South Africa with the possibility of a brighter future.

If you are near one of their tour locations, do not hesitate to attend one of their concerts. If you are a little far but could still make it, then consider traveling – this is something worth being a part of!

“A concert of a very special kind, characterized by the deepest emotions, joy, hope, entertainment and a very personal connection to the destinies of the young actors on stage. A truly unique experience!”

For more information about Vulamasango, Vulingoma and the tour, contact or visit their Facebook Page.

“Full halls, standing ovations and tear-stoked spectators are on the agenda. With their outstanding stage performance, the children sing, dance and drum with gospel songs, apartheid songs and old African folk songs into the hearts of the people. Since the children have mostly heavy fates behind them, it is all the more astonishing, with which strength and energy they stand on the stage (…) to prove that even the worst experiences are overwhelmed and can be turned into something positive.”

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