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“A healthy social life is found only when, in the mirror of each soul, the whole community finds its reflection, and when, in the whole community, the virtue of each one is living”

 Rudolf Steiner

The World Social Initiative Forum (WSIF) is an international network of initiatives and individuals that work in alleviating poverty, marginalization, and social injustice by placing human dignity at the heart of their practice.

As a global agent of transformation and drawing from Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science, WSIF builds alliances and creates spaces of dialogue with others to unfold individual potential freely, practice empathy and a genuine interest in another, contribute to an associative economy in service of the needs of others, and sustain the vitality of the earth as a living organism.

Founded by Ute Craemer and Truus Geraets in 2000, it is a project led by Joan Sleigh since 2015 and is currently associated with the Section for Social Sciences at the Goetheanum.

To date, it has organized over 20 Forums in 5 continentspartnered with 80 network members in 15 countries, and reached over an average of 1,500 viewers through Web-Seminars made available and free online.

Vision, Mission and Goals


Given an understanding of the human being as a spiritual, physical, and social being, each individual creates with others, in shared destiny, a world in which every person:

can freely unfold individual potential;

can connect with others based on equality, empathy, and trust;

can contribute to a sustainable economy in service of the needs of others;

can care for the earth as a living organism.


By 2050, the World Social Initiative Forum is a trusted and integral global agent in social awareness and Self-transformation within the four spheres of social practice:



In alignment with its Vision-Mission, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the School of Spiritual Science, the World Social Initiative Forum aims to contribute an anthroposophical perspective to consciousness development and societal change.


Upcoming Forum

WSIF Network Summit 2021: Living In Between Spaces
4-8 August 2021 at the Goetheanum
Streamed Online and with Regional Summit Hubs

To register for Summit in Dornach (IN-PERSON): WSIF Network Summit 2021 On-Site
To register for Summit ONLINE: WSIF Network Summit 2021 Online

Exploring significant aspects of what is living and dying within global social transformation?
How do you enhance what is living in your organization, enliven individual potential, and nurture a healthy social environment? 



The WSIF Network is an open community of social initiatives working out of Anthroposophy towards social transformation in the fields of education, agriculture, health, politics, and cultural life.

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