is an initiative of people who recognize the need for a holistic approach to life with a worldwide perspective. It provides a platform for individuals and organizations to come together – especially those who are working to relieve poverty, injustice, and inequality – to help create sustainable communities.


What we envision the World to be in 2050

Given an understanding of the human being as a spiritual, physical, and social being, each individual creates with others, in shared destiny, a world in which every person:

can freely unfold individual potential;
can connect with others based on equality, empathy, and trust;
can contribute to a sustainable economy in service of the needs of others; can care for the earth as a living organism.

What we envision WSIF to be to reach our World Vision in 2050

As a global agent of transformation, drawing from Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science, the World Social Initiative Forum builds alliances and creates spaces of dialogue with others to:

unfold individual potential freely;
practice empathy and a genuine interest in another;
contribute to an associative economy in service of the needs of others; and
sustain the vitality of the earth as a living organism.


What changes in the world do we aim for to achieve

In alignment with this world vision and the global Sustainable Development Goals, the World Social Initiative Forum aims to contribute an anthroposophical perspective to consciousness development of human beings within four spheres of social practice:

    • create spaces of human encounter to unfold individual potential;
    • inspire personal empowerment based on an understanding of the human being as given by Rudolf Steiner;
    • design Forums to share models of best practices;
    • enhance holistic research into local culture, art, science, and social context;
    • promote the education and practice of integrative health programs.
    • facilitating encounters for building empathy and deep understanding of others;
    • encouraging models of sustainable community development based on love and trust;
    • networking with individuals and organizations dedicated to ensuring human dignity and equal rights;
    • transcending cultural differences through encounters, dialogue, hands-on work, and the arts.
    • develop ethical and social banking systems;
    • support the development of sustainable products and holistic services by promoting associative fair-trade practices (Economy of Love);
    • foster an understanding of the concept of work as an essential need for the dignity of human existence.
    • promoting organic and biodynamic agricultural models in support of biodiversity, health, and nutrition;
    • supporting sustainable water, waste and energy management and actively reversing the climate crisis;
    • supporting the development of regenerative cities.


By 2050, the World Social Initiative Forum is a trusted and integral global agent in social awareness and Self-transformation:

TRANSFORMATIVE To awaken in each human being a self-aware and intuitive Self, who is Self-directed and engages in co-learning and transformative dialogue with others.

Objectives: This will be achieved by:

  1. highlighting Anthroposophy as a source from which one can draw inspiration and ways for Self and societal transformation through Forums and Webinars that offer an anthroposophical perspective in dialogue with other viewpoints on current global challenges;
  2. expanding the Network itself, having one initiative per country as an aim, to create a multicultural, intergenerational, transdisciplinary and inclusive community.

COLLABORATIVE To achieve that every individual can recognize the value and dignity of other human beings through empathy and solidarity.

Objectives: This will be achieved by:

  1. featuring different social initiatives and individuals in social work in our international Forums and on our online platforms:
  2. building bridges which value the dignity of other human beings through empathy and solidarity;
  3. highlighting different means of upholding human rights and equality based on the local needs and resources; and
  4. co-working with active partners and networks in all cultures and continents.

PARTICIPATIVE To support initiatives, research projects, and Forums that aim to engage in Social Threefolding to radically transform the role of education and cultural life, ethical human equal rights, and moral standards in work and economy, production of goods, fair trade, associative economy, and sustainability.

Objectives: This will be achieved through:

  1. incorporating training programs in accordance with the current international SDGs;
  2. adapting constantly to changing needs and crises on a global scale;
  3. facilitating entrepreneurial programs, hands-on workshops, research presentations, and exchange of sustainable practices in the Forums based on the context of the locality;
  4. supporting start-up initiatives and encouraging collaborations within the network; and
  5. promoting an understanding of the ‘Economy of Love’ and similar frameworks.

REGENERATIVE To encourage every individual to engage in regenerative ecosystems, no matter to what degree.

Objectives: This will be achieved by:

  1. highlighting organizations, start-up initiatives, and research focused on ecological practices in our Forums;
  2. showing that being conscious of one’s carbon footprint is achievable in every locality;
  3. supporting radical change in areas of education, human rights, economy and regenerative agriculture through dialogue and active engagement; and
  4. emphasizing that global climate change can be transformed through local will in our Web-Seminars, Forums, and online platforms.

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