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Text: Andrea dela Cruz [ES]

The intention for the Colloquium, at the invitation of Paul MacKay of the Social Science Section in Dornach, was to prepare  a Global Social Forum at the Goetheanum.

The group of people that came together – 36 all in all – represented Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, China, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Israel/Palestine, USA, South Africa, Sweden as well as Germany and Switzerland. Also present were representatives of the foundations Freunde der Erziehungskunst, the GLS Treuhand e.V. and Acacia and several young people from the Youth Section.

As  witnessed by the video presentations of participants, committed humanitarian work is being done in many places under the most difficult, sometimes dangerous circumstances. Most Anthroposophists are not aware of this, as there is no overarching organization. Truus Geraets presented a the beginning of a Compendium to highlight some of these social projects, in agriculture, in the work with AIDS patients, in education or an initiative to enable 10.000 street children in India to get an education. So far 55 social projects have been introduced in the Compendium with many more to come.

Seven such projects from the US, for example, have been highlighted in the Compendium: the Ipswich House of Peace in Massachusetts, the Anthroposophical Prison Outreach in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Lakota Waldorf School in South Dakota, the Sophia Project in San Rafael, California, Elderberries Café in Hollywood, California, Shade Tree Multicultural Foundation, Lakewood, California and the Agawamuck Project in Copake Falls, New York. She invites people to get in touch with her, if they know of a project that should be included.

Besides the one at the Goetheanum, a number of local Social Forums are envisioned. Ute Craemer is organizing one in Sao Paulo for 2012.

We are invited to present our intentions for such World Social Initiaitve Forums, based on an Anthroposophical Social impulse, at the World Kindergarten Teachers Conference and the World Teachers Conference, both around Easter in 2012.

Our leading thought were the words Rudolf Steiner gave in 1921 to Edith Maryon:

“Getting a feeling for the needs of our time implies replacing the intellectual spirit with the creative spirit.”

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