Forum’s History

A review of some of the last major milestones in creating of the Forum.

In 2000, Truus Geraets and Ute Craemer initiated the World Social Initiative Forum (WSIF)  to create a network of support for anthroposophical and spiritually-minded social organisations and individual workers. The aim of this self-sustainable network would be to empower each member in their task of addressing issues such as marginalisation, poverty, and other forms of injustice in society.

In 2015, the co-founders handed the project over to the Section for Social Sciences at the Goetheanum, where it continues to host the Social Initiative Forum (SIF) under the leadership of Joan Sleigh.

By 2017, numerous Forums led by local people in collaboration with the SIF network had happened across four continents, inviting and connecting hundreds of people all over the world.


Switzerland – 2000

Presentation of WSIF at the Goetheanum’s Michael Conference

Brazil – 2001 – 2018

Social Initiative Networking Forum


USA – 2002

Social Initiative Networking Forum


Argentina – 2011

Buenos Aires’ V Pan-American Congress

Switzerland – 2011

Goetheanum World Social Lab Colloquium

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South Africa – 2012

Social Initiative Forum South Africa

Brazil – 2013

São Paolo’s Multicultural Festival Germany/Brazil/Guarani

Brazil – 2013

São Paulo VI Pan-American Congress


Switzerland – 2015

World Social Initiative Forum


India – 2016

World Social Initiative Forum


Brazil – 2017

Multicultural Social Arts Festival: South Africa/ São Paulo


March 2018. We are online!

Uniting borders with our Network section, where you can find all the projects which we collaborate.

Japon – 2018

WSIF Japan: Knowing Self through Others: Empathy Towards a Just & Fraternal Society

Switzerland – 2018

WSIF Ethical Individualism: Transforming Self & Society

Brazil – 2018

Regional Forum: Brazil organized by Associação Comunitaría Monte Azul


Switzerland – 2019

WSIF Ethical Individualism: Transforming Self & Society Year 2

Egypt – 2019

WSIF Egypt: Unfolding Individual Potential for the Future


WSIF 7-part Living In Between Spaces Web-Seminar Series | open to the public

WSIF Network Online Workshops | for partners only

Regional Forums:
Brazil Online Social Forum organized by Associação Comunitaría Monte Azul
Egypt organized by SEKEM

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