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Help our partner organization Associação Comunitária Monte Azul [BR] provide basic goods to families living in the favelas who are economically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Maria Carla Gallini [AR] also started a project for the people served by Monte Azul – sewing reusable masks as a sustainable way of protecting one against the virus. Carla shares her story on how she was led to initiate such an important cause, with the help of her kids, family, and friends. – NA

Text: Maria Carla Gallini [AR] | Photo: Monte Azul

Masks with Purpose | Maria Carla Gallini


My name is Carla Gallini. I am originally from Argentina and I have been living in Stuttgart for 5 years.

Before we moved to Germany, we lived in São Paulo. There, I had the chance to meet Ute Craemer, Renate Keller, Valeria, and a lot of people who introduced us to different projects of Monte Azul.

As we know, Brazil as a country faces a very delicate situation. In the spheres of politics, healthcare, and social inequality, there are a lot of people who have no decent living conditions.

I have two kids who were born there. Hence, a piece of Brazil is always in my heart. 

I am not a professional seamstress but my kids gave me a challenge – sew our own masks to save money, protect the planet, and not produce more trash from disposable masks. I was surprised that by sewing every mask,  I got better than the last one. 

One day, I sent a couple of them to my in-laws and give some to my neighbors and friends as presents. A couple of days later, I was overwhelmed with questions – as my friends want to know where did I get it or ask how can they order.

Then the idea came of donating masks to the families served by Monte Azul, whom I always keep in my heart. So far, we have delivered all over Europe and also to families in Brazil.

I am thankful to Monte Azul for giving me the chance to make this world a better place – in my own way.




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