Nicanor Perlas on “Humanity’s Last Stand” in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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Text: Nicole Asis [PH] | Video: Juan Bottero [AR] & Osmer Productions [CH]

In his latest book “Humanity’s Last Stand : The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence”, Nicanor Perlas tackles the ‘existential risk’ of humanity in the face of Artificial Intelligence and how the rapid development of technology has alarming consequences on our very existence as human beings and as a society. Nicanor’s book is an urgent call for individual action towards humanising technology, collective altruism, and spiritual individuality. “Humanity’s Last Stand: The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence” is  available at Temple Lodge Publishing Ltd.

“Nicanor Perlas paints the dramatic dilemma of mankind today as it stands, torn in the tension field of the advancement of outer scientific intelligence and an inner, albeit mostly unconscious, knowing of the spirit within and around us. He describes the fragile and delicate solution as the living potential within each individual, as expressed in Rudolf Steiner‘s words: ‘knowledge is man’s active participation in what the beings and processes of the spiritual and physical world convey to him.'”
– Joan Sleigh, Executive Board Member of the General Anthroposophical Society-Goetheanum and SIF Project Leader

In WSIF Japan 2018, Nicanor also emphasized the importance of self-development, that is the individual’s awakening to his/her purpose, which will pave the way towards social transformation .

“…the foremost, fundamental relationship is your relationship to your higher nature, to your true self, and your personal self. If you manage that relationship, then you can become a healing force. So, the role of the individual is important; the structure is there to enhance it. And if the two are present, the process evolves much faster. “
– Nicanor Perlas, Global Activist


WSIF Japan 2018 “Knowing Self through Others” | 29 March – 2 April 2018 | Minobu JP
Watch the third of our short talks with Social Initiative Forum team members, projects, initiatives and contributors — inspired by Social Initiative Forum themes and events.

Nicanor Perlas is an adviser, global activist, writer and speaker on artificial intelligence, globalization, and spiritualised science.

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